About the Updates category

The Updates branch of this forum is used for posting ready-made and clearly formulated update proposals that later on can be submitted for voting on the governance.neutrino.at website.

Important: An update can make direct changes to the protocol. If it successfully passes the vote, the changes will be automatically implemented not later than in <2> hours. The contract will be irreversibly changed and this will affect the entire community.

For all other suggestions and discussions, use the Discussion branch of the forum.

Basic rules for publishing an update proposal

  • Before posting a proposal, please check that there is no similar proposal already posted on the forum.

  • Avoid emotionally charged wording. Articulate the title and description in neutral language. This will guarantee that other community members vote without prejudice. For example, avoid words like “amazing, impressive, terrible”, etc.

  • Write description in such a way that other users do not understand it ambiguously.

  • Do not use any Neutrino tokens for fraudulent purposes;

  • Do not infringe intellectual property rights;

  • Do not attach incorrect links to the forum;

  • Do not use profanity;

  • Do not attach pictures and formulas that are not related to the protocol and/or contracts.

Important: Voting for Updates feature is under development and testing. In the current implementation, only the Neutrino team can propose updates on the Neutrino forum and submit them for voting. In the future releases, users will also be able to propose updates on the Neutrino forum and submit them for voting, so this feature will work in automatic mode similar to the Voting for Ideas.

How to submit an Update Proposal for voting at Neutrino Governance website?