"Burn" acceleration (compound mode)

In a normal situation the Neutrino Protocol exchanges XTN for WAVES, in the present situation with feature 19, part of the nodes’ rewards take their value equivalence in the respective amount of XTN daily from the market.

Let us assume without taking into account volatility, quantity and using integers the following:

Feature 19 provides daily an amount equivalent to 1000 dollars in Waves, this amount takes 1000 dollars in XTN from the market and returns it to the smart contract. The cycle repeats continuously.

Now let’s think about it in a compound way, using the method of a normal situation, the same procedure is executed, however the assets of the basket will be returned, but we will only consider the return in WAVES in 50%, just for visualization.

So, the equivalent of 1000 dollars in XTN is sent and is returned by the process is returned the equivalent in 500 WAVES, in the next cycle will be obtained 1000 dollars in XTN originated from feature 19 added to the 500 returned from the process, will be in this new cycle 1500 dollars in XTN, which will return 750 dollars equivalent in WAVES, in the next cycle will then be 1750 dollars that will return 875 dollars equivalent in WAVES.

This effect would result in the acceleration of the finality of feature 19, and would reduce the time of its completion. The other assets in the basket can be thought of as being used for the same purpose, or as aids in solving the respective WXG and VIRES projects.

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