Buying USDN's below 90 cents by team, using 15 million ecosystem tokens

I found that top 10 accounts hold more than 93% of Neutrino tokens
Naturally, none of these addresses are owned by a user and either belong to the team or belong to the network nodes in which the users’ tokens are locked.
Now my question is that if only about 37 million dollars of tokens are bought and sold by users, why don’t you buy all usdn’s that are for sale under 90 cents with 15 million ecosystem tokens?
Of course, all these 37 million tokens are not in the sales queue, but if all of them are in the sales queue, you can easily buy them from the sellers with the designated 15 million tokens.
Then stake them to network nodes until the price of neutrinos stabilizes at $1.
After that, provide an ability for ecosystem users to provide multicollateral supports with west and egg tokens, etc.
Finally, gradually convert the purchased tokens + the profit from staked them to btc and place them as the multicollateral support of Neutrino.

You miss 2 big things:

  1. The top 2 holders (2nd and 3rd position of your screenshot) of XTN are from Vires users, not from the team or node.
  2. 15 million valued at current market price, you can’t sell it for 15 million, because of slippage and lack of demand, you would get maybe 50% of that.

Thanks for your feedback:

1_ In any case, do pools trade with people’s money or hold it? When something is kept it means it is not for sale, we are dealing with this point and not other issues

If I want to explain in another way, the users benefit from the profit of the pool transactions.
It doesn’t matter to them whether this profit is obtained from trading usdn at a price of 10 cents or usdn at a price of 90 cents.
In fact, they are happy that the ecosystem is saved.
For this reason,for compensation of prices and purchase usdn , pools can be stopped for a few hours!!
I wanted to trade many times myself and the exchanges were shut down due to updates or repairs.
After the resumption of the exchange, the prices were not suitable for trading!!
They always just apologize, they can do it again and apologize after that

2_ This is true, but not all sellers convert usdn to usdt, some of them use usdn to buy west token, others buy egg token with usdn and…
Therefore, it is not necessary to sell all the tokens, it is enough to exchange them in the right place
On the other hand, keep in mind that the price of usdn is now almost equivalent to 20 cents! Five times less than the real value, that is, if 30 million usdn are in the queue for sale, it can be estimated that their value is less than 15 million dollars. on the other hand, not all tokens are supposed to be bought by the team, they can buy tokens that are put up for sale at a price of less than 70 cents. The rest will be compensated by the society that has gained its hope…
Also keep in mind that such a strategy will benefit the team, they will buy usdn tokens at a low price (from 20 cents to 70 cents), but when the price stabilizes at $1, they will sell for $1. …