Focus on robust WAVES price and original NSBT function that intervenes earlier

1/4 To make up for the current deficit. Is it possible that when WAVES are stored in the SC, smaller quantities of USDN are produced so that the market capitalization of USDN is not so inflated? Since this is currently the problem, the more expensive the WAVES, the more USDN are produced, which is the cause of the current deficit.

2/4 So if WAVES were to crash too quickly, USDN would no longer be adequately collateralized. In this case, NSBT should not be used only when the deficit is reached, but already when there is a surplus of about 10%. NSBT could additionally serve in their original function as a hedge. These generated NSBT could be burned in a stable surplus basis

3/4 At the same time, WAVES need more incentives and additional scarcity to further stabilize them or make them more valuable. WAVES will remain volatile in the current construct, as WAVES will always need to be sold out of the SC to regain the peg. This currently accelerates the downside potential tremendously.

4/4 The priority to stabilize the system should be the WAVES token. Without a stable WAVES price, there will be no stable construct. NSBT should intervene here in a supportive manner as originally planned to additionally stabilize the construct in stress situations.