History of NSBT payouts

Hey guys! There is a blind spot when it comes to NSBT system information which makes it hard for new people to join the system. While it’s easy to wrap your head around Neutrino stablecoins’ staking profitability, NSBT staking is gaping black hole. We can easily address this by adding “payout history” to few places. This way newcomers would not be forced to rely on telegram to get themselves informed (some of the information they may need is not easily obtainable).

So what should be done?

What it should contain?

-final amount of distribution from each past day (in USDN or both USDN + Waves)
-final amount of distribution per staked NSBT

Dev.pywaves contains this information (and more) but user can check only current values of above mentioned. history would make information package whole.

where the NSBT payout history should be put?
-Dev.pywaves NSBT section (naturally)
-neutrino.at (get started/stake section, it would also be nice to put something on the LP for example current values we can see on dev.pywaves now)
-WX wallet (investment/neutrino/nsbt already asked Lars about it)
-NeutrinoNotify telegram bot (command /history covering last 30 days would be great)

Feel free to comment and add and remember… NSBT is da SHIT!

I also think that this issue can be improved, it would make accounting much easier.