How to make USDN great again. No need for a new stablecoin

Warning: If you dont read until end parts of these changes may not make sense :wink:

-close arbitrage to protect the existing collateral and let it depeg if people wanna sell at low price

-enable arbitrage if BR (based on usdn=1) is >100 % with a spread in profit and a hard cap at 30% profit

-add the waves that you reserved for the new treasury now to the old treasury

-dont add any huge amounts of low liquid token like swop, egg or wx. you will destroy them. if you still want add a maximum of 10-20% of circulating supply of these tokens. thats maybe ~1.5-3 million in $.

-instead use waves neutrino rewards to buy wx,swop and tsn.

-use trading fees from WX: 50% burn, 25% gWX stakers, 20% into neutrino treasury, 5% to buy back usdn and burn

-use exchange fees from swop: 20% LP, 20% burn, 25% swop stakers, 5% treasury, 25% neutrino treasury, 5% to buy back usdn and burn

-use trading fees of TSN: 40% to TSN Staker, 40% treasury, 20% neutrino treasury

-At WX: WX/waves pool minimum pool weight of 50%

-At SWOP: SWOP/waves minimum pool weight of 50%

-deposit the accumulated swop and wx in SWOP/WAVES and WX in WX/WAVES to earn more swop and wx (deposit with one token).

-stake accumulated tsn at tsn to earn and add USDT to neutrino treasury.

-dont allow to mint more surf. IF BR>200% convert 10% of SURF to USDN at the highest price the protocol sold so nobody is at loss (should be something around 0.15. maybe give some bonus. therefore 0.17-0.2).

-let people stake/unstake waves anytime into a new node which donates the rewards (people can decide from 10% to 100%) to neutrino treasury. of course people earn less money that way but i think there are a lot of people who would donate parts of their income to help neutrino.

-let NSBT holder earn 5% (can be higher in better times) of all income generated by neutrino protocol.

-burn all vested usdn in vires. people receive dUSDN at 1:1 ratio.

-dUSDN can be used to mint USDN if BR>300% at 1:1 ratio.

-dUSDN can be staked to vires. 50% of vires revenue to vires staker, 50% to dUSDN staker

-use a whitelisted bot (pays no fees at neutrino) to keep the marcet price at exactly 1 if BR>100% and price ranges from 0.995 to 1.005

-dont release a new stablecoin. apply parts of new stablecoin logic to usdn if you want so. but i doubt you will need.

β€”> Like in the USDN resolution plan the future of usdn depends on the perfomance of swop and WX but in a more sustainable way. You can even add Puzzle or other protocols.
You dont flood the marcet with a high amount of new released/minted tokens. You more or less use money that these protocols earn.
The price of USDN ist than not only linked to a price increase in deposited token but linked to the income generated by WX, swop and tsn too.

And of course you dont need to release the next stablecoin which would start at such a low liquidity that you cant barely use it. And of course low liquidity always opens ways to manipulate and attack those low liquidity tokens.

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In my view this proposition is obscene to say the least…