Ideas to increase $NSBT $USDN income [PUBLIC]

This topic was created for you to publish in a clear, detailed way and, if possible, with examples of how we can improve income for those who have $NSBT $USDN.

We know that the NSBT has great potential and that it has a fundamental role in increasing the collaterization of NEUTRINO. The more attractive the NSBT is, the more power we will have to generate guarantees in the neutrino contract.

Show suggestions, ideas, proposals that can increase the APY as well as increase the utility of the NSBT token.

This is a public topic where any ideas are welcome!

reposted from Telegram chat:

-taxing USDN staking rewards by small amount like 5% and move daily rewards from this to the NSBT payout pool. This would constitute “basic floor income” for NSBT stakers apart from ever-changing swap fees

-Neutrino as a community and operator of the biggest Waves node can vote to increase Waves block reward to boost Neutrino APY. This would offset the taxation mentioned above or even allow higher returns for Neutrino stakers.


this idea of ​​building minimum income is very good for establishing a minimum price and also a guarantee for nsbt holders. A NSBT minimum profit guarantee. You suggested a 5% tax on NEUTRINO node profits.

To make this even more interesting, we could think of something flexible similar to a curve.
For example, when the USDN APY is less than 10%, the rate for NSBT is fixed at 5% on profits.
If USDN generated 10,000,000 profit in one year in staking, 5% went to NSBT = 500,000

Flexibility proposal:
For each 1% that the USDN APY increases above 10%, the share that goes to the NSBT increases 1% proportionally, so that if the USDN APY is 20%, the return of the NSBT will be 15% about profits.


USDN APY: 20% - nsbt fee 15% = 17% for USDN & 3% for NSBT.
USDN APY: 16,8% - nsbt fee 11% = 14,95% for USDN & 1,84% for NSBT
USDN APY: 15% - nsbt fee 10% = 13.5% for USDN & 1,5% for NSBT

These ideas aren’t creating any value to the ecosystem
They are just hurting USDN (+ all other DEFO assets) and Waves holders so Nsbt holders can benefit from it, so it’s a win-lose situation.
I won’t say I’m totally against these ideas, but I think at the moment we should focus building products with a win-win situation like SDEFO. After neutrino ecosystem becomes huge we can start thinking about doing such ideas.

I’ve just reposted ideas from Telegram chat to keep it in one place. Feel free to comment and/or add ;]

I gave the example above the flexible fee based on what you wrote.

But I would particularly find it better and more practical if it was done as GreenFrog suggested in the telegram group.

If community vote to increase 7 waves per block, 6 WAVES keeps the USDN rewards as is, and 1 WAVES is intended exclusively for NSBT stakers.

I respect you opinion, but I think it is being very extreme.

What the waves team is most focused on right now is precisely to build value for the waves ecosystem, neutrino and even NSBT… swop… gravity… all this and much more.

What we are doing here is working on developing ideas to make the most important token of the ecosystem that is the NSBT more attractive, responsible for collaterising the neutrino contract. If it becomes worthless/unattractive there will be no reason to buy more NSBT and USDN will be at risk of fail.

we know that the SDEFO will be a great use case, but in the meantime we are thinking about things like a basic minimum income to support nsbt hodls and also an attractiveness that encourages people to buy more nsbt making the market price reach the contract cost.

And just to remind you, SDEFO also depends on NSBT. NSBT holders are exposed to great risks to support the protocol and are therefore worthy of constant improvements in their returns.

Something like this would also lead to a step back from the 100% payout policy from the neutrino node while only minimally reducing the usdn staking income and it would still keep the value within the waves ecosystem.
I think its worth to further discuss this idea.

I think you didn’t understand it well. We are talking about small fee that it would not make a significant difference in neutrino staking. And if you think about it, you will see that the USDN is directly or indirectly dependent on the NSBT, so even if part of the USDN profit goes to the NSBT (there is no loss). And we are also talking about increasing the generation of blocks by the nodes, which would make even less difference.

Stepping back from the 100% payout policy is a good thing because the 100% payout policy is potentially surpressing the network value. If a small share of the Neutrino Node return is paid to NSBT as ecosystem you reduce the Neutrino Node payout to like 98% or something like that. On the yearly APY you would barely notice any change.

I dont see a raise of the block reward justified. The block reward should only be raised if the total gen balance of the network is declining (which is not the case).

Taxation is not cool. More profit for usdn holders can bring more usdn swaps.

  • I offer decreasing usdn swap fee.
  • Merge BR rate for all DeFo assets. DeFo assets generated with USDN as colleteral and DeFo pools need USDN to fix colleteral. DeFo pools participants earn governance fees. Let’s calculate a new BR formula for all national DeFo tokens and use NSBT as additional colleteral distrubute governance fees to NSBT holders. Add emergency call for national assets that decrease BR rate more than %x. Use NSBT governance to delist DeFo token from neutrino.
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proposal for more reward and security

taking 20% of the rewards from NSBT token staking and swap waves for this money and give the rewards to the nsbt stakers this wil increase the nsbt income and can be compounded in time.

also these rewards should only be given on holders of nsbt on the waves dex for getting people use the dex more. this would be fair on other chains your tokens are automaticly staked.

also makes it more interesting to mint in time with a hi staking reward also making nsbt pool a big factor in waves voting.

how usdn can profit and be more secure.

but if the br factor is less than 1 the br is filled with the waves from this pool in small steps like 2% of the pool every 24 hours. in this way the pool never wil be empty and there is a extra backup for usdn.

there wil be a (pooled waves *0.02) wil be used to mint usdn until the br is above 1 our 1.1 for extra security.

the waves from this pool can then not be counted as br but as a security fund so nsbt wil have its old function back. also there can be a 20% pool backup for minting new nsbt.

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taxing and bigger fees don’t leed us knowhere. USDN (and the entire WAVES cosmos) need to grow!
if ther is more traffic in and out of USDN, payouts vor NSBT holders are gonna bee insane.
adoption in any direction is the keyword.

two examples
to change some profits into fiat:
bitpanda dasn’t axept waves deposits at the moment, nor is USDN integrated. so i change to usdt and pay crazy gas fees to get my money out.
or my crypto tax website is not working with waves api. i have to put in all transaction manually.
things like this makes me think twice if i really want to trade on wavesexchange …

of corse i do (im a old ICO- WAVER and still here) but just to say…

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