Improve BR, Reduce/Burn XTN Supply, Increase collateral

The Problem

Collateral is deceasing for the last months.
Also adding 15Mio$ of WX ecosystem tokens will not last forever in collateral.
XTN supply will increase due to Vires Vesting and Surf transformation.

==> It is difficult to get a high BR.
==> XTN value ($) will stay low probably for a long time.

What do you suggest to change?

XTN holders should have the opportunity to freeze their amount (like in Vires) 3/6/9/12 months and get an income/APY on their XTN.
Via SC and AMM, XTN (maybe Surf too) are used to buy Waves ecosystem tokens (Waves/West/Egg/Swop etc). These tokens will be stored and staked in collateral.

This mechanism is attractive, when market is down and needs support from community.
=> Buying collateral tokens, when token value is down.
=> After several month, when market is up and token value is higher, get XTN back at e.g. 1$.
=> Burn the rest of XTN

==> XTN supply decreases
==> Collateral increases
==> BR and XTN Value increase

Burning XTN and increase collateral will only work, if costumer/governance set a favored price per XTN e.g. 1$ which should achieved.

60Mio XTN x 0,3$/XTN = 18Mio$ Buying Power
18Mio$ / 2,5$/Waves = 7,2Mio Waves in collateral
Favored Price is e.g. 1$/XTN

Waves increase to 10$
Collateral is now 72Mio$

60Mio USD will be payed
12Mio XTN will be burned

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