Increase Max Sell Amount

The Problem

The pressure of XTN sellers is too great, the arbitration does not cope with the task. The current values of parameters a = 0.0625 and b = 1.105 are too low. Buy/Sell XTN - Neutrino Documentation

What do you suggest to change?

I propose to set the current values of the a = 0.125 parameter for a more profitable arbitrage, increase the rate of burning XTN and support the price of XTN.
Table of the new parameter for example:

gNSBT amount maxSellAmount
1,000 258.18
5,000 1,528.52
10,000 3,287.84
25,000 9,049.7
50,000 19,465.78
100,000 41,870.68
200,000 90,063.36
300,000 140,970.74
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At the moment, it is possible to burn almost 80k XTN every day. However, this translates into 70k WX and 1.23k WX, i.e. about 6.6k USD are being sucked out of the reserve every day. At the current pace, if 110M XTN were to be burned, the entire reserve would be drained.

This is the goal of new mechanics - liquidate all reserves when burning all XTN. You cannot drain all the reserves when still have XTN in circulation

Vires will soon put another 40 million XTN back into circulation:
ā“„ Governance Panel ā€“ Vires.Finance

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