Increase SURF gNSBT value

Increase SURF gNSBT value

Many SURF token holders took SURF at $0.17 to recapitalize the neutrino contract when the SURF token was first announced. But with the new mechanics, SURF token is retired in recapitalization. And the instant price of the SURF token is $0.016. In addition, with the new mechanic, SURF token will no longer be produced. Therefore, the risk that the amount of gNSBT from the SURF token will dominate the amount of gNSBT from NSBT uncontrollably has been eliminated. For this reason, I recommend triple the gNSBT value of the SURF token to 100 SURF = 1 gNSBT instead of 300 SURF = 1 gNSBT.

Current gNSBT distribution:

2512307 gNSBT from NSBT 83.13%
509795 gNSBT from SURF 16.87%

Total: 3022102 gNSBT

If proposal is approved:

2512307 gNSBT from NSBT 62.16%
1529385 gNSBT from SURF 37.84%
Total: 4041692 gNSBT

Daily swap limit effect:

This will not affect the daily swap limits as the gNSBT amount of NSBT holders does not change.

Surf owners will have their daily swap limits tripled.

The total amount of XTN burned daily will increase by 33.74%.

Swap fee revenue effect:

Nsbt holders’ swap fee income will decrease by 20.97%.

The swap fee income of surfers will increase by 20.97%.

With SURF liquidation, the amount of gNSBT from NSBT will again approach 100% and will be 100% when liquidation is complete.

Totally nonsense and POSITION TALK.
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