Neutrino limbo pool

hello, to secure waves in the system and make nsbt more secure investment we can set up a protected pool in the system.

what is the idea if someone swaps waves to usdn or usdn to waves a protected pool fee is set.

for exaple % can be changed or other parameters

we swap 2000 waves to usdn now all waves is added to the sc and payed to nsbt holders having a 1:1 syphon ratio that can be manipulated by huge whales. they set thier investment to lower the price of waves and syphon the contract. also all waves is direcly minting usdn this inflation is hurting the system in the end.

so what is a easy fix for this set a collateral backing fee for example 1% if someone swaps 2000 waves the 1% is put in a protected pool so it doesnt change payments or any other functions.

this pool only creates waves that wil be added to br not minting usdn in time this pool would become a huge factor in protecting against syphoning. this pool can never be drained so if the sc actually holds 0 waves its beeing supplyed with waves from the protected pool.

if people start syphoning this pool would see a huge grow in waves thats never going to return to the market again.

this would also make br a smaller factor if the pool is big enough you know the sc is always going to be filled with waves again. if we have a very low waves price the locking wil be a lot higher.

this system needs a lot testing and maybe aditions.