Neutrino Whale Club Announcement

In the light of current developments we find Neutrino in desperate need of a platform that would unite members of the community that control significant amounts of gNSBT and allow them to interact freely and anonymously. We feel that such organisation may enable whales to communicate with the Neutrino team more directly and be a good counter weight to pretty centralised power of the team. That being said we are all about communication and free exchange of ideas between the two afore mentioned bodies. We believe consensus on general direction of the development should be forged with communitie’s direct involvement and with its best interests at heart.

Today we announce that Neutrino Whale Club is up and running!

To join the Neutrino Whale Club you need to meet only one criteria: hold at least 10’000 gNSBT in your wallet. It can be stored on one address or be divided into more than one. As long as you meet the threshold you’re in.

We also welcome anybody with deep understanding of the protocol, coding skills and active supporters supporting our cause.

For the purposes of future voting we would like to know your full gNSBT holdings. You can do that safely since the process is completely anonymous thanks to Session app we picked. This multiplatform messenger is entirely decentralised and seed based. It does not collect any personal data like mobile or emails, does not track you in any way, it is completely private. We don’t want to know who you are but we will verify your holdings using Waves wallets and later prepare a list of holdings by Session ID to see what the combined voting power of Neutrino Whale Club is.

Interested? Here is what you need to do do apply:

  1. Download Session app from

  2. Set up your Session account, write down your account seed and store it safely for future access.

  3. After you set up your Session account go to messages and open new conversation using the following ID: “05d7acdcd4d3e931d51c5911c35cfe1f60509680f92be57f2eb91eedc94d21aa4b”

  4. In the message provide your wallet addresses (waves public keys) that contain gNSBT.

  5. After preliminary verification of balances you will be sent out Neutrino Whale Club tokens or NWCs (1 NWC token per every address you have declared, token ID: “8KUJXkSTFtGTYBqvYxyJvdSPPukByyp7TAVygyemxk3F”) from address “3PDVGiDZYroK65K5xpPYZ3ngLEf33o4AYr6” and asked to send them back to the address of origin to prove you own the keys to said wallets (you can use the following wallet alias too “neutrinowhaleclub”)

  6. Upon passing the verification you will be added to closed Session group.

Entire process will be completely transparent and verifiable on chain. We will monitor NSBT/gNSBT holdings of our members to make sure they qualify for the membership overtime.

This is the first iteration of the club. We will discuss changes in closed circle decide about updates using Session group. Stay big!

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