New collateral and mechanic to count oracle price

I have idea to count price of asset in collateral to circulation USDN (73mln at the moment).
Basicaly the price will be calculated in % adequately to the price on WX.Network but calculated for the general USDN circulation.
Waves price on WX - 3,25$ and in Neutrino 7,83
Price in Neutrino is % of Token share in collateral / total circulation USDN in BR
Then that amount is devided by token amount in collateral.
In this example we have 31 942 256,06/4 078 000 what give us neutrino price index 7,83$
That difference give us opportunity to arbitrage and make swaps from WAVES to USDN then we can buy more Waves on exchange for smaller price and push price up to price from neutrino index.
In diffrent option if price neutriono index is lower then on we can arbitrage USDN to multicollateral (6 tokens adequate to fill the % of the collateral)

Thanks for reading and please give your feedback.

The Neutrino price you refer to is not the price, but the Backing Ratio %, the WAVES price in Neutrino is: 1.325628 USD

Price from Binance must be converted to Index on Waves. We must use Index to implement price wx, vires, swop, west, and egg because you cannot do so on Binance. Example was with waves, but the same is true for wx, vires, swop, west, and egg. When you get what I am suggesting, you will see why the price is linked to the USDN Index. We need to back collateral on the USDN. At initially, there will be a strong chance of arbitrage, but after a few days, the USDN Index and stock market prices will be identical or extremely near to one another. The suggestion is to provide additional collateral and future use cases on the USDN Index; alternatively, this might continue to be a good stable coin on the index.

I only updated the names and values on the previous image.