NIP: NSBT ERC20 Auto-Staking Design ( PROS & CONS )?

Do you already know the $NSBT ERC20 Auto-Staking proposal?

If so, argue with a short list the PROS and CONS if there are any according to your opinion…

Proposal by: Alex Pupyshev


Shouldn’t nsbt on waves chain also be autostaked to enhance liquidity?
Also, will there be an option to issue and redeem f.i. waves-btcn? If so, will this be added to staking rewards?

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Are you trying to say auto-stacking in the waves chain where to place “$nsbt” token in staking it will no longer be necessary to leave them frozen in the contract? Don’t you think it would create many barriers for the price to rise? Or even depreciate since there would be a large supply in circulation. See, waves have 70mi blocked and only 30mi in circulation. If Waves were auto-staking 100m would be in circulation.

Perhaps this idea could be considered when nsbt is present in many exchanges / pools etc

Auto stake for USDN worked great on ethereum chain. Attracted million of dollars to be added into liquidty pool [USDN - 3Pool] . Expecting same for NSBT.

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