NSBT general update

NSBT system is long term NOT performing like is expected. We have to do something to reach prosperity, I think there are 3 main problems that has to be solved:

1, keep whole system easy to understand and easy to use.

NSBT system is by time made complicated more and more, please keep it simple to understand for everyone.

2, NSBT owners not voting, but doing swap for profits:

Idea is to update gNSBT system with “duty to vote”. So ones who not voting in proposals with gNSBT would not be able to use neutrino functionality like unstake gNSBT, claim rewards, swap XTN.

But forcing people to vote yes/no in proposal which is too complicated to understand or proposal not complete is not good. So to keep “duty to vote” rule there would be added 3rd option “abstain” that will tell us, that users doesn’t understand proposal, and it will increase quorum.

For example: if default quorum is 1000 000 gNSBT votes, but 500 000 gNSBT would be voted for “abstain”, the quorum will be increased to 1500 000. Abstain votes would not be counted in quorum. So those who will be making proposals would be motivated to update proposal in more easy to understand way.

This way most of users will be motivated to vote yes/no/abstain and those who are creating proposals would be motivated to make them easy to understand.

3, gNSBT unstake period system fixed speculations and price manipulations but is killing NSBT trading volume.

Idea is to remove actual unstake period system and introduce new and more easy: User would be able to unstake gNSBT only if (voted in last 3 proposals) and (not did any swap operation in last 15 days) and (not claimed rewards in last 15 days)

In result those who wanna just stake NSBT, swap and unstake would be blocked for speculations, but those who saved reserves because not claimed any rewards for 15 days would be able to unstake and do some market volume.

4, Neutrino reserves are going down because of XTN BUY/SELL swaps and Community node program doesn’t make sense anymore.

Community nodes having no sense until real use cases would rise, maybe later. Neutrino reserves(Neutrino Protocol) are going down constantly because of XTN swaps(Neutrino Protocol) but we need backing reserves to be increasing constantly.

Idea is to prevent reserves to go down by disabling XTN swaps completely. Delegate all WAVES reserves to one neutrino node and introduce daily claim just from staking rewards, but only for those who WAVES rewards are higher than TxFee.

Same something like has to be done with WX and VIRES. Maybe stake WX reserves as gWX and vote all gWX value to NSBT pools. And as long there will be gWX staking soon, claim rewards would be also done from WX. Also what about using some of WX in pools? There are many options and we are wasting time.

All needs to have transparent statistics on main neutrino at page.

Claim rewards could be done daily? And all unclaimed rewards would be automatically used to increase reserves.