Private discussion channel with session

Hi friends of Waves, NSBT and XTN )

As many of you don’t have account on Twitter, Telegram nor this Forum, because you care about privacy and you don’t want IP, email nor your telephone number to leak. Here is easy to use solution:

Me and few friends created channel on app named “session”. It is 100% opensource privacy focused app for chatting. You can use it on mobile/android/ios/MAC/Windows/Linux. App has no registration, rather is using generated private key as login, no Email nor Telephone number is used by app. App is using Tor based IP address protection, so your IP address would never leak also.

Everyone is welcome to join, it takes just 1 minute:

  1. Visit, choose your device and install app.

  2. Run app, generate your account and choose nickname,

  3. Push “+” button, choose new message and add this contact:


  1. One of admins will add you to the private groups automatically )

Very easy, Cheers )