Provision of USDN

Provision of USDN. Rise in the price of SURF.
I propose to make Waves swaps in USDN motivated. To increase the number of waves in a smart contract. Accordingly, the growth of BR.

Waves price - $2.50.
The price of SURF is $0.05.
We buy from the Waves market for 1000 USDN at a price of $2.50, we get 400 Waves.
We change 400 Waves through a smart contract for 1000 USDN.
The number of Waves +400 has increased in the contract.

Motivation to Swap Waves ->USDN
Release SURF by 2% for the one who makes the swap. 1000$*2%=20$, 20$/0.05=400 Surf.
400 SURF gets the one who makes the swap.
Release SURF at 2% for gnsbt stakers.
400$*5%=20$, 20$/0.05=400Surf.
400surf gets gsbt stakers from this swap.

Waves will be bought out of the market, which will affect the rise in the price of Waves. This will also help increase the provision.

In this document (link below) you can see how they will change:

  • provision
  • amount of SURF
  • SURF price
  • Price of Waves (may differ, but this will not affect the model)
  • Number of USDN
  • When we reach br 115%

These figures may also be affected by USDN-Waves swaps. It is important that the limits on these swaps be less than Waves - USDN.

Now a very good price for this model.