Reducing the quorum to 30%

The Problem

When launching the governance feature, we expected that most gNSBT holders will get involved in the community votings. However, we noticed that many users do not use their unique opportunity to influence the decisions of the Neutrino protocol. According to our stats, during the last 83 days less than 50% of gNSBT participated in the votings.

Please see the statistics below:
Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 18.52.13

In other words, less than 1% (!) of all gNSBT participated in the last 8 votings. And 36% of all gNSBT ignored all of them.

For the details:

As a result, some important votings failed to reach the quorum. We want to fix this.

What do you suggest changing?

The Neutrino team suggests reducing the quorum from 50% to 30% to adapt to current realities.

I don’t think just changing it to 30% is a good idea. There should be a better way like adaptive quorum maybe?

It changing based on certain data. That would be more flexible, than just create another voting if even the quorum not reach again.

I got this idea. Rather than just reducing the quorum to 30%, why don’t we make it more like PWR? We “Punish” the “gNSBT” owner who doesn’t participate in voting? Maybe you exclude them from the next voting, or even reduce their profit for a particular time, or more extremely, reduce their “gNSBT” token (NSBT, SURF) if they don’t participate?

I think this way is more scalable in the long run. You don’t need to create another voting, in case the voting volume is even lower than 30%.