Suspend Neutrino Governance

Suspending Neutrino Governance until a clear roadmap is published


This proposal suggests temporarily disabling or terminating the current Neutrino Governance until a clear roadmap is published. The current Neutrino system lacks transparency and direction, making it impossible for stakeholders to understand its long-term objectives and strategy. Without a clear direction, stakeholders are left in the dark about the project’s future, unable to make informed decisions or provide valuable feedback to improve the system.

Additionally, the situation with locked XTN on ViresFinance is completely unclear, which is causing confusion and concern within the community. This problem should be openly addressed and explained to the community, as it is impacting the ability to make informed decisions. By suspending the current governance system until a clear roadmap is published, this issue can also be addressed and resolved in a more transparent and effective manner.

Furthermore, a significant number of stakeholders have abstained from voting in recent governance proposals. This is not a sign of ignorance or disengagement, but a clear statement that many stakeholders do not agree with the project’s current direction. By suspending the current governance system until a clear roadmap is published, all stakeholders will have the opportunity to understand and contribute to the project’s direction, ensuring that the governance system is aligned with the needs and goals of the entire community.

By suspending the current governance system until a clear roadmap is published, stakeholders will be able to fully understand the project’s goals, timeline, and strategy, allowing them to provide meaningful feedback and contribute to the development of a more effective system.


The proposal aims to dramatically improve the transparency and effectiveness of Neutrino Protocol by temporarily suspending Governance until a clear and detailed roadmap is published. This will help ensure the project is better aligned with the needs of its stakeholders and set it on a clear path towards achieving its goals, allowing all participants to work together more effectively while also addressing any outstanding issues within the project.


You forget waves ecosystem is “RUSSIAN” project.
Almost all of there projects are truly like Soviet Union or Putin.
So your proposal will be in vain. thank you for 10 WAVES donation.

Sasha Ivanov, who was born in Ukraine, claims both Russian and Ukrainian citizenship and says the project no longer has employees in Russia.

Your comment about Waves being a “Russian” project is irrelevant. While Waves was founded in Russia, it has since become a global project with a diverse community. My proposal aims to address the lack of transparency and direction in the neutrino protocol, and I stand by it.

I understand that the current market conditions are challenging; however, this does not justify a lack of transparency and clear direction in the project, and it certainly doesn’t excuse any use of impolite language. If my proposal exposes any issues with the team, then we consider this an opportunity to address those issues and improve the project for the benefit of all stakeholders.

I welcome all members of the community to engage in meaningful dialogue. You are only wasting your time with these rude and irrelevant comments.


Can I request that the forum administrators shorten the link and title of the thread so that it can be voted on in the Neutrino Governance?

idea “Suspending Neutrino Governance until a clear roadmap is published” renamed to “Suspend Neutrino Governance”

I also want to know how the new highly hyped PowerDAO will affect gNSBT DAO. Could it replace NSBT in a future? It’s really scare if so

The vote doesn’t reach the quorum. I’ve propose to them on their previous idea. Instead of reduce quorum to 30%, better make it somehow decentralized where the quorum percentage maybe based on average “active” gNSBT.