Tokenomics overhaul

The Problem

Current Neutrino treasury tokenomics is bad, after every XTN>WAVES swap the treasury loses value and staking income. None of the proposals fixed this problem, only made it less damaging. Adding $15 million doesn’t fix it either.
The only one which helped, is XTN APR 0%, but as long as Neutrino swaps exists in it’s current form, treasury value will decrease.

Simple illustration:
Reserves 2,262,925 WAVES
Swap price 10.665178 XTN
After swapping everything you would have 0 WAVES and 597,338,186 XTN
(621,472,684 XTN - 2,262,925 WAVES * 10.665178 XTN)
*Yes, I know there is a cap at 10% BR and there is a maximum swap limit.

Actual stats:
The last 30 days, WAVES reserves decreased by about 30%, XTN total issued decreased by about 1.2%. Arbitrage swaps are not helping the XTN value, but are actually decreasing it’s value.
Since XTN has become an index token, repegging is not important anymore.

What do you suggest to change?

XTN SC price = treasury / total issued XTN
After adding the $15 million, the price of XTN would be about $0,03.
Then Neutrino swaps help the treasury, because of the fees.
Neutrino swaps benefits will be, swapping without slippage and keeping market price near SC price.
Devaluing to true value will also make it easier to restore XTN value.

Increase treasury income:
Make all treasury assets income generating by supplying liquidity to AMM pools.
When XTN < $1,15 use the farming yield to buyback XTN, burn 50% and distribute 50% to gNSBT. Keep the LP yield to increase the treasury.
When XTN > $1,15 (after SURF conversion), distribute all farming yield to NSBT stakers.

WAVES staking income, use 50% to buy XTN, add to WAVES/XTN Swop AMM.
Farming yield is SWOP: buyback and burn XTN.
LP fees are WAVES and XTN, let it accumulate.

Big changes are needed

Neutrino swap is one of the main reasons to stake for gNSBT and in the short term we will lose a lot of value, but if we don’t make these big changes, we will be running a protocol with an ever declining treasury, which will have no future.
If we do what is necessary, then we can govern a protocol with an ever increasing treasury, which will lead to an increasing income for gNSBT and XTN will keep growing in value.

What do you think of this idea?

For counter arguments, please address the issue of the constant drain of the treasury.

I have NSBT, SURF, XTN and vested USDN and are big part of my crypto portfolio.