USDN staking rewards reformulation

We are in a situation where there is depeg pressure, and so pressure over waves price. Still with 40% of BR we are not suffering a worse scenario because most of the issued USDN belong to the team and they will not play against waves and USDN. But in future this may not always be the case and that would be a serious problem. So, the proposal here is to encourage the locking of USDN for a fixed term in order to replicate that condition in future.

Under the actual USDN staking schema, rewards serves well to provide extra yield on platforms like vires. But it is not attractive anymore for users to stake USDN directly. Also, in cases of emergency with BR, now a rule applies to neutrino node 1 to provide its waves rewards to neutrino collateral instead of USDN stakers, so the staking of USDN is even less relevant on these situations. So, under all circumpstances, the current staking schema is irrelevant for the ecosystem, and I propose here two alternative reformulations that make USDN staking a more important factor for the defense of the ecosystem: to alleviate USDN sell pressure when BR < 1, and so reducing depeg, sell pressure over waves and syphoning.

Proposal A: USDN fixed term staking:

  • No more usual USDN stake. Instead, replace by fixed term stakes (may be 1 month, may be 3 months, may be more, may be multiple options available with different % of share on neutrino rewards). The interest rate paid must be capped, both by a hard limit, (i.e. 40%) and of course, by the capacity of neutrino nodes transaction rewards. The fixed term stakes discourage some people to stake, but on the other side generates much more attractive rewards for those that do stake.

  • If neutrino nodes generate more rewards than paid to these stakes (due to the hard limit), then the remaining rewards can go to neutrino collateral.

And when BR < 1:

  • All neutrino nodes rewards go to recollateralize neutrino SC.
  • Staked USDN stop to accumulate rewards.
  • Once BR > 1 again, USDN staking rewards go to normal.

The idea behind this is to ensure there will be always a portion of locked USDN, in order to guarantee there will be always a portion of USDN that will not be able to generate sell pressure.

Proposal B: limit capacity to stake USDN by holding gNSBT

In this proposal, USDN staking will not be fixed term. But ensuring only gNSBT holders can stake USDN, we achieve multiple conditions:

  • Only those more compromised with the ecosystem can stake USDN so its rewards will be much higher.
  • As rewards being higher, lot of neutrino nodes rewards can be used for collateral in any situation, not only when BR < 1.
  • NSBT will increase greatly its value and so follow more efficiently its increasing price in SC, due to be closer and closer to the max limit of issued NSBT.
  • It will compensate with benefits, the intended reduction in swaps volume due to less pressure generated over peg.

Both options are really good. Congratulations. I just miss having something similar to waves asset it self. Lock waves for fixed term and get more rewards than just stake into a node. Maybe some of the minted waves from neutrino node instead of turn everything into usdn. (locking waves remove waves selling preasure)