Vote Locking for NSBT

I do propose Vote Locking for NSBT voting and staking similar to Curve finance. Currently nsbt owners need to unstake nsbt to vote. We can generate new token let’s call it NSBTlock and swap NSBT to NSBTlock based on locking time.

Locking time interval should be discussed with community.

I do suggest a small range for time interval.

12 months - 9 months - 6 months - 3 months

  • 1 NSBT for 3 months locking swap will be equal to 0.25 NSBTlock token
  • 1 NSBT for 6 months locking swap will be equal to 0.50 NSBTlock token
  • 1 NSBT for 9 months locking swap will be equal to 0.75 NSBTlock token
  • 1 NSBT for 12 months locking swap will be equal to 1 NSBTlock token

NSBTlock token not available to trade. Only NSBT main token will be used on exchanges. Nsbt tokens can’t be staked. The entire distribution will be distributed to the NSBTlock token.
Redeem can be made via block expiry time equal to 1 NSBTlock = 1 NSBT

Additional proposal: After moon factor activation we see that generating nsbt from contract is decreasing. In order to support the Neutrino system, I recommend to convert some of the budget from the commissions to waves and adding it to the neutrino usd reserve. In this way, neutrino br value will be supported, neutrino usd stake income will be increased and we will continue to make neutrino synthetics production attractive.

Hey! I love Curve mechanics, but we are far away from Curve by design, so it’s definitely not a “ready” proposal. Moved to ideas yet.

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The proposal is good, long term investment. I do :innocent:

BR is fine.

it is logical that the issue of nsbt is decreasing because the BR is positive and the price in the market is lower than that of the contract.

Before nsbt staking, almost no nsbt was issued except in case of deficit.

Since more exchanges will adopt usdn + nsbt… more news coming to $waves gravity etc, more utility and greater financial products and improvements in the neutrino protocol are added “Example SDefo” the market price will reach that of the contract and more nsbt will be issued.

So if you lock them for 3 months you will end up with 0.25/nsbt.
And you need 1 to redeem to 1 nsbt?
So you lose 75%?
Or will it be tracked how much you originally locked?

What this proposal means is thzt we can’t port it’s staking feature to other chains, right?

no you don’t need 1 NSBTlock to redeem 0.25 NSBTlock = 0.25 NSBT of course when block expiry time reached.
You don’t lose %75 actually stake income increases and NSBT itself can’t be staked but we should set time interval and rates based on expectation. For example we can set
3 months lock = 0.60 NSBTlock
6 months lock = 0.75 NSBTlock …
and time interval can be change. Open the thread for discussion.
Unfortunately NSBTlock can’t be staked in other chains.