Normalize swap power of SURF gNSBT

We are going in the right direction, but still some extra adjustments are needed as we check the effects of each update.

The rewards differentiation between SURF and NSBT flavors of gNSBT was not enough, because at same time swaps became significantly reduced, so rewards. And the problem I see now is that you need to issue a huge amount of surf in order to have appreciable swap power for arbing. That discourages issuing. Lets do some numbers.

The current amount of SURF flavored gNSBT is 92K, while the amount of NSBT flavored gNSBT is 2.4M. This is, total swap capacity of NSBT gNSBT is 26 times bigger than SURF gNBST. And total swap capacity of NSBT gNSBT is roughly a nineth of the original total capacity, which we can consider the ideal one.

So, in order SURF gNSBT total swap power be the ideal one, under current situation the number of SURF gNSBT need to be 235 times bigger. Which is unrealizable. It implies a redemption of 6.9B USDN, a burn of 447 USDN->SURF (using current figure of 1.9M USDN burned via SURF ) and a lock of 111M waves (using current figure of 472K locked waves via SURF.

But if we normalize SURF gNSBT swap power, we can achieve reasonable amount of burning power by issuing 26 times more SURF. That is, a total redemption of 761M USDN, 12.2M locked WAVES via SURF, and 49M burned USDN via SURF. More reasonable numbers, that may be even not needed to be achieved as WAVES price increase enough.